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Re: Warbot vs other bots programs

Post by frogmd » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:51 am

I also jumped ship from another bot that I used for a total of 6 weeks. I learned as much as I could within that time and quickly understood what the bot could do, but more importantly, what it couldn't. The odd thing is, when I joined the Warbot forum, I realized that the limitations that I was experiencing with the other bot was simply not even worth mentioning with Warbot... in fact, there seemed to be too much flexibility here. Especially after reading MrJackDaniels' post about his 10 years experience with botting...and how he was now designing an ICM calculator within his profile?! That had me sold. Even though I had made the initial mistake of selecting the wrong bot to start, I cut my losses and purchased what I feel is the best bot on the market. I'm never looking back because the ideas that flow through this community, coupled with the support from Alex and his team (Alex couldn't be doing all the work himself, right?), and simply the best chance at beating the game... I personally wouldn't go anywhere else.
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Re: Warbot vs other bots programs

Post by gst919 » Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:59 pm

I bought another famous bot and all the table maps were wrong, misreading cards, blinds, player names...
With warbot all the tablemaps are fine.

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