Time delay FTW.

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Time delay FTW.

Post by CryptoKing » Tue Oct 29, 2019 4:38 am

“Time is relative.”
Yes it is, if we want to get ITM and you are short stacked, time is everything.
Is Dynamo or another profile getting you to the top 50 and close to the bubble but your BR is shorter than Joe Pesci wearing platform heels in an 80’s flic, and a loose-aggressive player keeps knocking you out on the bubble? This message is for you if so.
As much as we want a bot that’s 100% automated and doesn’t require constant attention, that is unrealistic.
So the finest piece of advice I’ll ever give ya...
Stall, stall, stall!
If you are even close to the bubble when short stacked, turn auto player off, when your turn comes, cook that clock like you’re Jesse Pinkman!
Once your timer gets down to the last fraction of a second, turn auto player back on, let the bot make the decision (trust the bot!) then click auto player back off till the next time your timer is about to run off.
The 10 second intervals each play, will add up!
This is time Jimmy Dousche Bag will be shoving on off suit rags on another table, allowing you to crawl your way into the bubble.
It may cost you an hour, and a couple nails in the process.
But it can get you in the money more often than not.
It is proven that most players break down on the bubble. The key to success is learning to carry yourself when the others are failing.
There is no shame in turning a bad batch of hands in to cold hard cash, by beating thee clock of short stack doom.
Just don’t do it on my tables :mrgreen:

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