Why bot is sitting out?

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Why bot is sitting out?

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Quite often people ask it, so this post should explain the subject.
There are f$sitout and f$sitin function almost in each cash profile, which regulate sitin/sitout behaviour.
When f$sitout=1, bot tries to sit out, and when f$sitin=1, bot tries to sit in, if corresponding buttons on the table are present and detected.

Usually, f$sitout function is programmed to be activated, when number of your playing opponents falls below some value, like 3 or 4. It's due to the fact, that most cash profiles are designed to play against full or mostly full table. When you get into playing against 1-2 solid opponents for a long time, it's risky to start being exploited. Usually we want to avoid such things, so the bot sits out when table gets short, and sits back in, if table is filled again.
Another popular setting, is to sit out if our stack is over 300bb, for example. Sometimes you can see it in cash profiles too.

Now, what if you don't like it, and want to edit f$sitout, or completely disable all sitouts?
You can open your profile in any text editor, and find ##f$sitout## line
Below the header, you will see the code of this function. You can edit it, it's pretty straight-forward. Or disable sitouts, by removing the function code and putting zero, like this:

Code: Select all

Often cash profiles are programmed to disable sitouts, when you press "0" button on the bot toolbar. But you will need to do it on each bot restart. So if you want to permanently disable it, edit the profile code and save it.

Another thing is, if your bot sits out, because it runs out of time. In such case try to speed it up: https://forum.warbotpoker.com/viewtopic.php?t=899
If it does not act at all, and sits out after time bank is out, contact us by email
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