What to do if your bot can't connect to table

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What to do if your bot can't connect to table

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At first make sure that you configured your poker-room properly: https://www.warbotpoker.com/roomsettings/
If your bot can't connect to the table do these steps:

Method 1 (try this first):
1) make sure your table is visible on your desktop
2) go to Warbot/tools folder and run OpenReplayShooter.exe
3) in "Window to capture" choose your poker table window title
4) click Start and wait about 10 seconds, so the tool gathers some replay frames of your table
5) click Stop, then Exit.
6) zip C:\TMP\ folder (this is default folder OpenReplayShooter uses) and send zip file to [email protected]

Method 2 (if first one does not work for any reason):

1) download attached "universal tablemap" and unzip it to bot folder (by default C:\GamingTools\scraper\)
2) make sure your table is the only visible window on your desktop
3) run the bot. Now it should connect to your table, but will not scrape anything - this is normal
4) click "camera" button on the bot toolbar. It's better to do it when it's your turn
5) zip C:\GamingTools\replay\ folder
6) send zip file to [email protected]

after problem is solved, don't forget to delete "WB_UniversalTablemap.tm" file from /scraper folder
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