What to do if bot is too slow

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What to do if bot is too slow

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Sometimes bot acts so slowly that you can start to miss your turns, especially when multi-tabling.
Here's some things you can do:

0) close the bot and delete all logs from GamingTools/logs folder
1) each profile has f$delay function. Open it in notepad, find it, and make it always return zero:

Code: Select all

2) in Warbot go to Edit-Preferences-Autoplayer and set all Autoplayer delays to zero. For max speed you can even try to set "Stable frames" to zero
3) in Warbot go to Edit-Scraper and try to make Scrape delay lower (default is 750 ms). Don't decrease it too much though. I won't make it lower than 300 ms.
4) Default Warbot installer contains mouse.dll file, that makes "human-like" movements. If speed is critical, try to replace it with attached file. It will click instantly. Not good for stealth probably, but speed will increase.
5) Try to use bet-pot buttons: https://forum.warbotpoker.com/viewtopic ... th+for+bot
Good for both stealth and speed.
6) if you use virtual machine, try to grand it more resources, like CPU power and RAM. Also, try to experiment with different virtual machines. Sometimes VirtualBox can be slow, and VMWare suddently fast. Or vice-versa.
7) Try different Windows version. Even Home vs Pro can make a difference. Win8.1 can be faster than Win10, etc. You can even try Win7, which should be the fastest, but it can cause problems with your poker room and scraping, so test it carefully first.
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